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The Cajun Dragon recipe

Spicy Cajun boiled seafood

Spicy Cajun boiled seafood

When I lived in New Orleans I fell in love with the crawfish boils, a Cajun spiced seafood and veggies feast that was hard to find everywhere else I lived and traveled. So I decided to make my own, after I found out what the “secret ingredient” was: Zatarain’s crab boil powder mix.


Recipe below (will edit later to show it in a better format); this is copied from my FB reply to my friend who asked for the recipe. Since it’s completely my take on this, feel free to play around with the ingredients, add other seafood critters, less or more spice as you like it.

This $5 container makes 6 times the amount in my recipe

This $5 container makes 6 times the amount in my recipe

“So this is my bastardized version of crawfish boil, because crawfish is hard to find in Florida and now out of season anyway, I used shrimp instead (easy peel, 4lbs), with smoked andouille sausage (2 lbs), mushrooms (16 oz. white ones, not portabella, I tried some of those and they get a particular taste, but white ones are awesome). Also, new potatoes (3-4 lbs) and fresh corn (5 ears, broken in 2-3 pieces each).
What’s not seen (but important for the end result: Zatarain’s crab boil (1.5 cups of powder mix for a 15 quarts large pot), yellow onions (2), garlic (2) and lemons (2) (quantities below).



  • SEAFOOD (easy peel shrimp or crawfish) = 4 lbs (2kg)
  • ANDOUILLE SAUSAGE, smoked = 4 lbs (1kg) – chopped
  • mushrooms (white) = 16 oz (1/2 kg) – whole
  • potatoes (new) = 3-4 lbs (2kg) – whole
  • corn on the cob = 4-5 ears (break in 2-3 pieces)
  • onions (yellow) = 2 pcs. large, whole
  • garlic = 2 large whole bulbs
  • lemons = 2 (cut in half)
  • Zatarain’s crab boil = 1.5 cups
  • 15 quarts large pot (filled half with water)



Fill pot half with water, bring to boil, add the Cajun mix with the potatoes and corn, 2 full washed but unpeeled onions, 2 large whole bulbs of garlic washed but unpeeled, 2 lemons cut in half (squeezed in the pot), add sausage, mushrooms, boil for 30 min. The shrimp (thawed 24 hrs in the fridge if you get the frozen ones, or run cold water over it in a colander for 20 min) will only be added for 3-4 minutes at the end, after which you cool off the pot in icy water immediately, to stop the shrimp from over cooking. Can be served hot (warm) or cold.


I dub this recipe The Cajun Dragon ? ”

Best served warm/hot, but can also be served cold

Best served warm/hot, but can also be served cold

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