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This is not a blog about Bruce Lee or fantastical creatures written by terrible spellers.  Dragan is Daniel’s last name and soon to be Melanie’s as well. (Update: this was initially written when we had “EnterTheDragans.com” domain name. Also, we ARE married now! 🙂  )

When telling our friends and family about our trips, the phrase we kept hearing was, “I wish I could do that.“  Well you can!  We don’t make more money or get more vacation time than most people.  Our blog is for the folks who really want to travel, but don’t know where to start.  We will demystify world travel with easy tips and tricks that anyone can do.  With information and practical advice, you will discover the confidence to follow your travel dreams.

Melanie is a legal administrative assistant with over 14 years experience arranging executive & business travel.  She was born out west and spent the rest of her youth moving – 30 states and 13 schools by the time she graduated high school.  Melanie is an amateur videographer and photography enthusiast with a passion for learning.  She loves animals and has spent much of her adult life volunteering with animal rescue organizations.  She is also a certified SCUBA diver and member of MENSA.

Daniel is an insurance benefits specialist with his own nomadic past.  He was born in Romania where he developed a passion for photography at an early age – even developing his own black & white prints in his darkroom when he was only 14 years old.  Daniel used his photography skills as a key to explore the world – he became a professional photographer on a cruise ship.  During his travels, he fell in love with the United States and decided to make it his home.

Most of the year, Daniel and Melanie call beautiful, idyllic Naples, Florida home although they use every opportunity they get for travel and adventure.


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